O’Neil, Lee & West is a family owned, independent insurance brokerage and consulting organization.

Since 1917, we have been providing Florida’s business community with the highest level of experience, creativity and sound strategic thinking as it relates to their insurance needs.

The result is clear: Effective insurance and risk management solutions that help you to protect your personal and professional holdings while maintaining a safer, more productive workplace.

Our Philosophy

At OLW we endeavor to develop character within our organization, and apply the knowledge and experience gained from more than 90 years of bringing actionable advice and real solutions to the business community we serve.

We understand, as intermediaries in the business community, our goal is to create value for our clients’ operations. Simply put, our pledge is to create maximum value and bring the wisdom of experience to each one of our clients.

Our History

Why Choose O’Neil, Lee & West?

On the surface, our team of fully licensed insurance professionals offers a wide range of insurance and risk management solutions to organizations, businesses and professional clients in over 40 states.

OLW Insurance Solutions

Why do our clients choose us to manage every aspect of something as critical as insurance protection?

It’s simple. As an independent agency, we can offer a true depth of expertise, personalized service, unparalleled breadth and flexibility in policy selection and a one-stop solution for all your professional, commercial or personal insurance needs.

If you’ve never worked with an independent insurance agent, you may be missing out on the freedom and options an agency like OLW can offer. Instead of being tied to a single or limited group of insurance carriers, we are free to research a wide range of carriers. Thus we can find you the best possible combination of coverage, price and service to properly protect your commercial and personal assets – whether your insurance needs include home, business, life, health, auto and more.

As you’re not locked in to a single carrier, we can help insure flexibility in your coverage as your insurance needs change. If your current carrier doesn’t meet your new needs, we can easily transition you to a new policy provider with no lapse in protection.

Best of all, we know you by name, not by your policy number.  We owe our success to our customers and our strong community ties.  We recognize that you are the reason we come to work each day, and our commitment to service is really just our commitment to customers like you.