In Florida, the cost of homeowners insurance has been going up over the last several years.  We always try to stay ahead of the curve and shop around for the best rates for our clients.  We also like to share some money saving tips with our clients to make sure you are saving the most on your premium, without compromising on coverage.

Wind mitigation inspections are a way to save deep discounts on your premium, yet not everyone knows about this advantage.  A licensed inspector will come out to take a look at your roof and determine if it has traits which may qualify for discounts with your homeowners insurance company.  Actual roof shape, reinforced roof decking, roof shingle attachment method, shutter protection over your windows and/or hurricane straps are a few examples.  They will take photos of the inside and outside of the roof along with the inspection, and your agent will submit it to your homeowners insurance company to see if you are eligible for money saving discounts.  If you have a newer roof on your home, you should definitely consider scheduling a Wind Mitigation Inspection today.

Do you have an alarm system? If you do, this is another great way to save on your annual premium.  Contact your alarm company and see if they can provide you with proof of monitoring. This will be helpful in showing your agent that you do have an active alarm system in your home and they can submit this to your insurance company for additional discounts.

Have you updated your plumbing, electrical, heating & cooling systems or roof lately?  If you answered yes, telling your insurance company that you have shiny new plumbing throughout the house may help too. If you’re on the fence whether you should update your roof this year, contact your agent to discuss this to see if this would benefit you.  Most companies will give you a great rate when you have a new roof. While we can’t change the cost of insurance in our state, we can do our best to save our clients as much as we can off of their insurance policies.

Call us to see how we can save you money on your homeowners insurance today!